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The National Day comes! Big promotion announced~! Welcome order~~

The National Day comes! Big promotion announced~! 
Welcome order~~ 

-- Stainless steel 316 material    unit price:US$33.7    
-- Duplex 2205 grade material    unit price:US$37.6   
-- Stainless steel 316L material  unit price:US$35.7    

-- Stainless steel 316 material    unit price:US$32.9   
-- Duplex 2205 grade material     unit price:US$36.9    
-- Stainless steel 316L material   unit price:US$34.9    

-- Stainless steel 316 material     unit price:US$28.4   
-- Duplex 2205 grade material     unit price:US$31.5   
-- Stainless steel 316L material    unit price:US$30.1   

-- Stainless steel 316 material     unit price:US$29.8    
-- Duplex 2205 grade material     unit price:US$33.6    
-- Stainless steel 316L material   unit price:US$31.8