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swimming pool fencing safety

Celia Chen 2014-05-05 15:14:17

Australia is very strict with pool fencing regulations .

The main purpose to have a pool fencing to guarantee that pools are safe for young children especially under 5 years old .

Please make sure of below points for your swimming pool : 

  • No easy access from the house or from the backyard gate(s)
  • the fences are checked regularly to make sure it is in working condition
  • fence gates are regularly checked and serviced (if needed) so they function properly
  • yearly council inspection is done. In some councils it mandatory to check with your local council

     The pool fencing/walls should be:

  • minimum  1.2m high.
  • no gaps in the fence or below the fence wider than 100mm.
  • no items such as outdoor furniture, BBQ’s, bikes, pot plants, gym
    equipment, ladders, trees and shrubs with low branches, garden trellis or other items located within 1.2m of the pool gates.