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New model spigots, lower price!

Crystal Shen www.launch-china.com 2014-09-09 15:39:24
Our spigots have been selling very well. People can use the glass spigot for swimming pool fencing, balcony railing, terrace railing etc.
Different people have different requirements. As we all know, price is one of the important factor that customer cares. To satisfy our customers batter, we announced new model spigots, but lower price!  

New spigot info:
1. types: 
  • round base plate spigot (model No.RBM)
  • square base plate spigot (model No.SBM)
  • round core drill spigot (model No.RCM)
  • square core drill spigot (model No.SCM)

2. material: stainless steel 316/316L, duplex 2205
3. finish:satin brush or mirror polish
4. height of base plate spigot:168mm, window area 110mm
5. height of core drill spigot: 258mm, window area 110mm

Do not worry!
The new model spigots are SAME elegant surface finish and quantity as the before sold spigots. Because it is 0.3-0.4kg lighter, less material used, so the price is a few dollars lower. For more information, please leave us message or contact directly.