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Typhoon Kalmaegi is coming

Eric Li 2014-09-16 14:57:43
Typhoon Kalmaegi is coming, rains everywhere in Hainan province, south of Guangdong province.
We can see from the nephanalysis.
Today we are going to talk about how to protect our stainless steel handrail and glass balustrade in this kind of bad weather.

For indoor handrail, first we'd better keep the door and window closed well to avoid the heavy rain from outside. 
But if the rain came in and made the stainless steel product wet, we can use a dry rag and wipe the water away. 
Although the stainless steel can resist the water, to make sure the long-time usage especially indoor.

The details of how the environment impact the stainless steel product, you can click the link below to our previous news:

But how about the outdoor stainless steel product?
Stainless steel 316 has higher anti-rust ability than 304, which we recommend if your balustrade is outside.
So we do not too worry about the stainless ability of 316 grade product, but we need to check the stability of the installation especially the glass pool fencing.

As a normal way, we will add the top handrail in installation to give the glass railing more strength in windy and raining days.