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It is always good to have a friend coming from afar,Thanks,Rashid

  • Author:Susie Fu
  • Source:www.chinabalustrade.com
  • Release on :2014-09-24
Today I meet a very important friend,Rashid. He comes from Australia. I knew him 3 years ago when I began my first job.

At the beginning,we discussed the pool fence project by Skype. He was looking for the tempered glass,stainless steel glass spigot,hinge and latch.

It is a strange world. We didnot make a deal since he thought the price was expensive. After that,we become friends.I share what I am happy or unhappy with him.

He tells me what happened is happening in his life.

Sometimes we will ask him to do a favor. We ask him to call the customer in Australia,to see what the company looks like there.

It never enters to my mind that we will meet in China with so many gifts

I want to cite a saying from Confucius: "It is always good to have a friend coming from afar