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The Happy Door

  • Author:Susie Fu
  • Source:www.chinabalustrade.com
  • Release on :2014-09-30

There is no exact definition for happiness. Usuallyhappypeople are happy for all sorts of reasonsThe key is not money,fame,but the happiness from the bottom of their heart. They feel happy when seeing the smile on a child's face, a greeting from a stranger.

Why so many people feel unhappy? The main reason is that they want more even they have areadly had enough. They want bigger house,bigger car,more money. 

More and more people ignore the simple happiness in dalily life becasue they are too busy.

The National Day is approaching,enjoy yourselves. Forget about the work,forget about the business.

Go out and enjoy the nature. Get together with friends. Prepare a meal for your parents or the one you love.

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