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Entertainment:Breakup Buddies

Susie Fu www.chinabalustrade.com 2014-10-13 11:02:42
I went to the cinema and saw a movie named Breakup Buddies yesterday. It's a story about a recently divorced man and his best friend,who set off on a series of love misadvantures.

Both of them want to find the true love,say goodbye to the past and hope better for tomorrow in a very humourous and ironic way.

I am touched by the friendship,never losing hope for life.

Road trip comedy 'Breakup Buddies' topsholiday box office
Breakup Buddies reunites actors Xu Zheng and Huang Bo in their first movie together sincemegahit Lost in Thailand, which grossed nearly $200 million in China in 2012.

If you have time,you may go and enjoy this film. You will learn sth about love and life.

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