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China's Widely Power Cuts From September 2021

Eve 2021-09-26 15:12:20
China's Widely Power Cuts From September 2021
To commit the promise to the world that China will meet the emission peak in year 2030 and carbon neutrality in year 2060, China most local governments have taken strict-ever actions to reduce release of Co2 and energy consumption by restricted supply of electricity power. Some areas supply 5 days and stop 2 days in a week, some supply 3 and stop 4 days, some even just supply 2 days but stop 5 days!
These actions will result in a terrible increase of all costs, from raw materials to packing materials, from labor cost to ports operation costs. Now, we all face a difficult choice : to order NOW (before our National Day-Oct 1st) or wait at least 6 months later (NOT sure when costs will go down). Just be prepared for 2 things: prices will be increased and delivery time will be prolonged.