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1000 sets steel handrails ready packed and to be shipped to AMAZON warehouse in USA

We have recently finished production of 1000 sets of steel guarails / handrails of different deisgns /dimensions for outdoor use . These guardrail/han...

Latest house glass railing project for canada

Check out the our latest house glass railing project for Canada . Round stainless steel glass railing post with 12mm thick clear tempered glass , top ...

Ready Stainless Steel Bollards for Shipping to UAE

Ready Stainless Steel Bollards for Shipping to UAE Diameter 114mm round stainless steel bollards with 3.4mm thickness Please contact us for more infor...

Powder coated aluminum fence for metro station in Melbourne

Powder coated aluminum fence for metro station in Melbourne OEM & ODM SERVICES AVAILABLE. Welcome to contact: HP/WhatsApp/WeCh...

Welcome to Visit our Booth at the 123rd Spring Canton Fair 2018

Canton Fair(China Import and Export Fair) is the largest trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distributi...
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The difference between base plate and core drilled aluminum postRelease on2014-10-08Like pool fence glass spigots, generally, there are two different kinds of aluminum post for semi-frameless aluminum post, base plate and core-drilled...Read More
stainless steel glass clamp for 10--12mm glassRelease on2014-10-08Stainless steel 304 and 316 glass clamp,modle number G105 and G105R, is designed to suit 10-12mm thick glass and installed onto square and round post....Read More
Autumn in ShenzhenRelease on2014-10-07As the Autumn goes along, the weather in Shenzhen becomes more and more pleasant. The Lianhua Mountain Park The beach We are enjoying the pleasant wea...Read More
something about tempered glassRelease on2014-10-07Tempered/toughened glass is made by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air which prod...Read More
Crossbar holder used for stainless steel handrailRelease on2014-10-06As a modern solution of balustrade, glass plays an important role in composition, and for safety concern, we applied safe glass such as tempered/tough...Read More
Resume workRelease on2014-10-06Good news,we are back to office today.. The production schedule will be very busy after the National Holiday. If you are about to place the order,plea...Read More
The Happy DoorRelease on2014-09-30There is no exact definition for happiness. Usuallyhappypeople are happy for all sorts of reasons. The key is not money,fame,but the happiness from th...Read More
The National Day comes! Big promotion announced~! Welcome order~~Release on2014-09-29The National Day comes! Big promotion announced~! Welcome order~~ 1. square base plate glass spigot MOQ:100pcs-- Stainless steel 316 material uni...Read More
Have fun in the Sea WorldRelease on2014-09-29We went to the Sea World in Sunday afternoon. This was my first time there with friends. There are many famous hotels,such as Hilton Hotel. Many peopl...Read More
The National Holiday countdownRelease on2014-09-27The National Holiday is drawing near. We are going to have a 7-day holiday soon. So the production schedule will be very busy. If you are planning to ...Read More
types of glass standoffRelease on2014-09-26Stainless steel glass standoff is widly used in the frameless glass railing system for balcony and staircase outdoor and indoor.It is flexible to suit...Read More
stainless steel hardware for your frameless pool fencingRelease on2014-09-25Usually people prefer frameless glass balustrade for their pool fencing.Simple,but beautiful. You may enjoy unobstructive view and kee your children s...Read More
It is always good to have a friend coming from afar,Thanks,RashidRelease on2014-09-24Today I meet a very important friend,Rashid. He comes from Australia. I knew him 3 years ago when I began my first job. At the beginning,we discussed ...Read More
Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong back together.Release on2014-09-23Mandopop diva Faye Wong and actor Nicholas Tse are back together 11 years and two marriages later. Frankly,I feel happy for them when read this big ne...Read More
The way to successRelease on2014-09-22Success belongs to people who never waste time comparing what he did to what other people did and convinces himself everyday” I’ll do my best “. P...Read More
Classic lines in Marriage LawyersRelease on2014-09-22Men and women can learn a lot from dating to marriage. Let us share the beautiful lines in the hot TV paly Marriage Lawyers. 1.Dating someone is datin...Read More
Special: Li Na retires from tennisRelease on2014-09-22Profile of Li Na Native: Wuhan, Hubei,China Born: Feb 26, 1982(age 32) Married: Jan 27,2006 Husband: JiangShan Height: 1.72meters Weight: 65kilograms ...Read More
First Lady taught Indian children Chinese calligraphyRelease on2014-09-19Mrs. Peng Liyuan visited the Tagore International School in New Delhi with President Xi Jinping, She wrote “温故知新”(to learn new things from revi...Read More
Story of Sima Guang breaking tank to save his little buddyRelease on2014-09-19Story of Sima Guang breaking tank to save his little buddy Northern Song Dynasty, there is a very smart kid, his name is Sima Guang. The child was bor...Read More
Keep a positive attitude towards lifeRelease on2014-09-19It is said that your attitude takes control of your life . In real life , it is not possible for us to predict what is lying ahead of us ,however we c...Read More