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  • Release on2016-08-12
    China has won 11 gold medals, 8 silver medlas and 11 bronze medals unti now. Hope they have a better performance in the next game. Regardless of winn......Read More>>
  • Release on2016-08-04
    Can't wait to watch the opening of Rio 2016 Olympics ! Good luck to the teams of China and we all know you are the BEST ! ...Read More>>
  • Release on2016-08-02
    The most terrible Typhoon named " NIDA " comes to SHENZHEN dated August 2nd , bringing damages to the city . Trees are falling down and some temporari......Read More>>
  • Release on2016-07-28
    SHENZHEN LAUNCH organised a group travel to Guilin , Guangxi province . Guilin is famous for its beautiful mountains .The mountains are of different s......Read More>>
  • Release on2016-01-20
    Shenzhen launch will be closed for Chinese New Year holiday from Feb 3rd to 15th . We will all of you a happy new year 2016 , and thank you for your s......Read More>>
  • Release on2016-01-13
    Do you have a swimming pool in your house ? If you have then you need to consider putting up a glass pool fencing around the pool , not only with beau......Read More>>
  • Release on2016-01-12
    Shenzhen launch offers below set of mini top rails with all fittings to match . We sell the rails at 5.8 m per length ...Read More>>
  • Release on2015-03-02
    Our factory resumes work today. If you need frameless glass fencing system, stainless steel glass handrail fittings,stainless steel cable railing prod......Read More>>
  • Release on2015-02-10
    Cstomer from L.A sent us the project photo yesterday. We offered all the railing fittings including:Glass spigot SBM;Stainless steel post 50x25mm;Cabl......Read More>>
  • Release on2015-02-09
    Usually red pcakets stand for good luckiness and good wishes.So how can you get it? LOL ^.^1.When you get married.2.When you have a baby3. The first ......Read More>>
  • Release on2015-02-06
    Spring Festival is a time for celebration and family reunions Our factory will be closed on February 12th and open on February 26th because of the T......Read More>>
  • Release on2015-01-27
    The Laba Rice Porridge Festival Today is the laba Rice Porridge Festival, 8th December of Chinese lunar calendar. The day means the new Spring festiva......Read More>>