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How to install glass spigot ?

Crystal Shen www.launch-china.com 2014-09-04 12:19:57
Glass spigot is widely used in swimming pool fence. Now more and more people start to use spigot glass railing in there balcony. That's looks very nice. The pictures are our kind customer shared with us when they finished installation, we got the permission to resend.

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We have sold spigot and glass panels for many years, here we provide some tips for base plate spigot installation:
  • Mark out the center line of proposed glass fence with a chalk line.
  • Determine clamp location based on a sheet size 
  • Use base plate as a template to mark out the hole position and drill holes to suit.
  • Fit the spigot to the floor and plumbed via shim to tighten firmly as the smallest movement at the base plate will result in noticeable movement at the bottom of the glass fence.
  • When all spigots are installed, slip domical cover the top of the spigot to hide fixings.
  • The glass is then installed to the spigot. Place plastic packers between glass & spigot, at no stage should glass touch the metal.