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stainless steel 316 glass spigot for pool fencing concrete or timber decking frameless glass railing

stainless steel 316 glass spigot for pool fencing concrete or timber decking frameless glass railing

  • Base Mount Glass Spigot SBM New 168 MM deck mount 316 Stainless glass spigots with double function base plate for Concrete or Timber decking.
  • Newest 58 MM size from glass bottom to ground, same design as popular model in many Australia stores.
  • Beware the base plate has FOUR screw holes,
  • FOUR can fit 4 X expansion screws (sunk bolts);
  • FOUR can ALSO fit 4 X timber screws;
  • to realize double function installation on Concrete(pavings, tiles) or Wood!
  • Glass Spigot SBM Introduction:
  • Dimension:
  • Height: 168MM;
  • Width: 50mm round;
  • Groove height: 110mm;
  • Groove to bottom: 58mm;
  • Base diameter: 98mm;
  • Cover plate diameter: 100mm;
  • 2 x M8 grub screws, SS316 pressure plate, special high quality silicon rubber gasket.
  • 100mm diameter dress ring/ cover plate to suit the round spigot for hiding visual fixings (cover plate must be used with installation).

stainless steel 316 glass spigot for pool fencing concrete or timber decking frameless glass railing

Squsre base plate SBM stainless steel spigots specification,

  • Material: Stainless steel 316/duplex 2205.
  • Finish: Satin or mirror polished.
  • For glass thickness: 10-13.52mm.
  • Model No. SBM: Square base plate spigot.
  • Dimension:
    Height: 168MM;
    Width: 50 mm round;
    Groove height: 110mm;

    Groove to bottom: 58mm;
    Base diameter: 98mm;

    Cover plate diameter: 100mm;
    2 x M8 grub screws, SS316 pressure plate, special high quality rubber gasket.
    100mm diameter dress ring/ cover plate to suit the square spigot for hiding visual fixings (cover plate must be used with installation).

  • Glass Spigot SBM :

    Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel material to maximize the products life and appearance. This premium quality material is low carbon, anti rust, tough, durable, excellent resistance to corrosion, suitable for outdoor uses.


    Glass Spigot SBM Application:

    Stainless steel glass spigots used for fixing glass of swimming pool fencing walls for outdoor living, antirust and very durable.
    Nice-looking mini posts apply to support 10 or 12mm fully frameless glass for fence in home & garden.
    Glass gator clamps for the construction of glass handrails for a beautiful stair balustrade or balcony.


    Glass Spigot SBM DIY Installation:
    1.Mark out the centre line of proposed glass fence.
    2.Determine spigot location and mark out the hole positions, drill the required holes.
    3.Bolt the base plated spigot into position using the expansion screws for concrete/pavings/tiles or timber screws for wooden decking.
    4.Fit the cover plate prior to installing frameless glass.
    5.Install the glass to the spigots and tighten the clamp with supplied Allen key.

    Glass Spigot SBM Packaging:
    Each glass spigot with 1 cover fitted is wrapped up with one air foam bag to protect from scratches.
    Each spigot with foam bag is put into 1 carton box.
    4 pcs expansion screws & 4 sets timber screws for installation wrapped by thick rubber hose is put together with 1 spigot.
    4 small boxes are packed in 1 big carton box.
    1 set installation tool allen keys free supplied in 1 big box.
    Each big carton box is individually wrapped up with wrapping film & packing tapes.

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