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Surprise! Some negative feelings can improve work performance.

Susie Fu www.chinabalustrade.com 2014-09-18 11:07:29
Surprising new research finds that it may actually be good to feel bad at work and that feeling good at work may lead to negative outcomes.

For example,anger does not always result in negative effect and can be treated as a force for good by acting upon injustices.

When the manager treats a employee unfairly,he/she can express anger constructively. In this case,anger is useful to avoid the action of injustices in the future.

For instance,after the boss blamesyou for imperfect work performance,you will feel upset and angry at the beginning,but laterYou will think about why the boss is unhappy with my work? What is the main problem? How to improve it? Finally you will learn a lot and improve yourself.

It is kind of emotional release therapy and good for work and health.

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