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What exactly is enough sleep ?

Susie Fu www.chinabalustrade.com 2014-10-17 16:03:19
Do you often feel tired? Irritable,groggy and exceptionally lazy are what we feel.The reaons are, you didnot sleep enough last night,or the fast few nights.

So what exactly is enough sleep? More importantly,can you ever catch up on it? The real function of sleep is still debated by scientists, we do know that it is a key step to function efficiently and productively in our daily work and life.

After all,we spend 24 years of our lifetime sleeping,it must be very important. How long should you sleep?
It is said 7-8 hours of sleep a night is perfect. For thoese who sleep less than 7 hours consistantly,have an increase risk of heart disease,obesity and diabetes. The most dangerous is 12% higher risk of death.

On the other side,the studies have also shown that a person who sleeps over 8 hours a night ,it also increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

But babies and children are exceptions.They need sleep over 10 hours a night.

Now you have known that the ideal average of 7*8 hours exist. Let your own body and brain help you to check out its own need.

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